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Our site will provide you with information about our new and extremely promising method of expediting payment from your tenants, which will both improve your cash flow and greatly save you monthly processing costs and hassles involved with this payments.

YES! We are now able to offer your company the ability to accept rental payments of any size - completely automatically, over the phone, by credit card (if you wish) or by cheque. Your company would simply include a local phone number in its statements, where tenants can call, give a bit of information about their address and credit card or chequing account, and indicate the amount they would like to pay. Alternatively, this service can be offered on a convenient "negative- option" basis, whereby the tenant arranges for payments to be taken automatically from his or her credit-card or chequing account UNLESS he or she calls in to the service to arrange (automatically) for a short delay in processing of the payment, to avoid an N.S.F. situation. (Please ask us to explain this service in greater detail, if you find it potentially interesting.)

Our system would then automatically process the credit-card payments (passing the funds directly and immediately into your company's account), and actually print up physical cheques (payable to your company and already endorsed) and a deposit slip for the rest of the payments, ready for deposit late each weekday afternoon. It will also prepare lists of all transactions recorded each day, sorted in a couple of different ways, and can produce a computer text file of the same list of transactions, ready for importation directly into your accounting software (so that no data entry services will be required for transactions handled by the system) - the entire process will be completely automated!

This method is obviously much easier for your tenants than preparing a cheque, finding a stamp and mailing the envelope (or bringing it to a janitor's apartment or central office, much more secure than sending a cheque (where several employees are likely to handle the information), and much faster getting the payment into your account! It will also be far more attractive to clients than any pre-authorized cheque plan, because control over when payments will be taken from their accounts, and how much those payments will be, will remain in their own hands - with either the standard or negative option plan. For these reasons, we have every expectation that it will be VERY popular with busy yet cautious tenants.

Since there are NO set-up or initiation fees, and only a minimal fee per transaction (based on the number of transactions), this can be an extremely effective, low-cost way for your company to expedite the transmission of funds from your tenants' accounts to your own. If it sounds like something you should find out more about, please get back to us at your earliest convenience.

We are pleased to report that we have created a voice demo for you, which will enable you to experience the service, and hear a detailed explanation of how it can enable your company to receive payments faster, more easily, and without the need for human intervention; it will even enter information about the payments into your computer accounting files!

If you would like to try out the demo, please call us at +1 702-757-5587 (or email us at and we'll tell you what you need to do, to do so. And be sure to take a look at the list of questions frequently asked about our service!

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