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Payment Central Inc.presents to you our new and exciting method of accepting and processing contributions from the public, in conjunction with pledge drives and other televised fundraising efforts (especially for overflow and overnight periods), and with direct mail programs. Best of all, our service will allow you to avoid the most frustrating and time consuming part of any pledge drive campaign - trying to collect on the pledges!

And please don't "automatically" assume that because we use an automated system to provide this service, your members and other contributors are going to feel that the "human touch" has somehow been diminished. We have specialized for many years in creating voice-processing systems with an almost human caller environment, which present a friendly, easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow "persona" which will be exactly in keeping with the type of personalized image that you want to project.

Your station would simply include a local and/or toll-free number in its on-air solicitations and direct mail pieces, where would-be contributors can call, give a bit of information about their credit card or checking account, and indicate the amount they would like to give - RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT! If they want a receipt, of course, they would also record their name and address, so that one could be sent to them. Or, if they already have a member number, they would enter that, instead, for simplicity.

Our system would then automatically process the credit-card contributions (passing the funds directly into your station's account), and actually print up physical checks (payable to your station and already endorsed) for the rest of the contributions. It will also prepare lists of all transactions recorded each day (sorted in a couple of different ways), and can produce a computer text file of the same list of transactions, ready to import directly into your accounting software (so that no data entry services will be required for transactions handled by the system, unless a receipt has been requested by a contributor).

This method is obviously much easier for the contributor than preparing a check, finding an envelope and stamp, and mailing the envelope - and much more secure than sending the contribution through the Internet, or giving the same information to a human volunteer unknown to him or her. For this reason, we have every expectation that it will be extremely popular with busy yet cautious contributors. AND, AGAIN, IT WILL SAVE YOU ALL THE TIME, HASSLE AND EXPENSE OF SENDING OUT PLEDGE CARDS, AND OF FOLLOWING UP ON THE NON-RESPONSES.

Since we charge NO set-up or initiation fees, and only a minimal fee per transaction (based on the number of transactions rather than the total volume), this is an extremely effective, low-cost way for your station to solicit funds from the public. If it sounds like something you should find out more about, please get back to us at your earliest convenience.

Our system can also easily be configured to allow contributors to arrange (during a single phone call) for a sizeable contribution to be split into several smaller parts, which the system will then automatically process at the appropriate times. Or, if the caller wishes to contribute a smaller amount now, and knows that he or she will be ready to make another contribution in a little while, he or she can even "tell" the system to call him or her back at a prearranged time to "discuss" the matter again, and arrange for the next contribution. In other words, the system can act as the most organized, capable contribution solicitor that you have ever seen!

We are pleased to be able to report to you that we now have a voice demo available, which will enable you to experience the service yourself, and hear a detailed explanation of how it can enable your organization to receive contributions faster, more accurately, and without the need for human intervention, it will even enter information about the contirbutions into your accounting files.

If you would like to try out the demo, please call us at 702-757-5587 (or email us at and we'll tell you what you need to do, to do so. And be sure to take a look at the list of questions frequently asked about our service!

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