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Our site will provide you with information about our new and extremely promising method of accepting electronic payments from the public,
ABSOLUTELY SECURELY. This is the process that every company anxious to do actual cash business over the 'Net HAS BEEN WAITING FOR, since it
will immediately be obvious to any would-be buyer reluctant to expose his or her private financial information through the highly public pathways of the 'Net that THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY FOR ANY HACKER OR CRIMINAL TO CAPTURE AND USE THIS INFORMATION, SINCE OUR PHONE SERVER IS

This is really important, because two recent surveys - by one of the major credit card companies, and one of the foremost accounting firms in the world - have confirmed what vendors like you have been suspecting for some time ... 65-70% of all people who surf the Web are ABSOLUTELY UNWILLING to place orders directly from websites, because that would force them to send their financial information through the 'Net. And look at this direct excerpt from a news report in a U.C.L.A. study:

Virtually all U.S. Internet users are concerned about credit card security online, and the top reason users are not shopping online is concern over personal privacy, according to a multiyear study released by the UCLA Center for Communication Policy.

Just slightly more than half of all Internet users have purchased goods online. But a very small group of users - 5 percent - are responsible for 31 percent of all online purchases.

In addition, nearly all Internet users, or 91 percent, are somewhat or very concerned about credit card security.

JUST THINK OF THAT! The very people who would *love* to buy from you, are unwilling to pay you through the 'Net! Talk about lost business opportunities - how many of them will actually bother to find another way to place an order with you, and pay you in a way with which they will be comfortable? How many orders will you miss out on, and how much will you have to pay employees to capture the complete orders from people who actually bother to call you??

We are pleased to be able to tell you that it is now possible for your company to accept payments of any size - completely automatically, over the phone, by credit card or by cheque. While this process is, admittedly, slightly less convenient for a customer to follow than simply throwing the information into even a supposedly secure form and sending it through the 'Net (and take a look at the postscript to this letter, to check out a new way that 'Net-savvy criminals have developed to bypass this safeguard!), it's obvious that a great many people who have refrained from buying products over the 'Net until now will JUMP at the chance of doing so, when they no longer have to worry that a financial catastrophe could be the end result of their action!

(By the way, because our business for more than a decade has been the
development and building of CUSTOMIZED automated telephone messaging
systems, we could also create for you a very human-like system which could actually take orders over the phone, and even try to UPSELL callers, before accepting and processing payments.

Internet Orders

The process works as follows: as clients fill out an order form, and ultimately reach the section where they are asked for payment information, one of their options - prominently displayed - is to provide this information by telephone instead of through the 'Net, in order to keep the information secure. If they choose to pay in this way, they are given a toll-free number to call, and a unique identification number for that order. The order information (minus the payment details) are then recorded at your website as usual, with the identification number as one of the fields of information recorded. The customers are then reminded to call the toll-free number and complete the transaction within "x" amount of time, and the 'Net portion of the ordering process is complete.

When the customers call into the automated phone system, they may request the voice prompts in a choice of languages, if desired. They are asked to enter the unique order identification number issued at the website, and then to choose payment by credit card or by cheque. They then give a bit of information about their credit card or they would spend no more than three or four minutes on this call.

Our system then automatically processes the credit-card payments (passing the funds directly into your company's account), and actually print up physical cheques (payable to your company and already endorsed) for the rest of the payments, which would be deposited into your bank account (by us). It will also prepare lists of all transactions recorded each day (sorted in a couple of different ways),as well as a computer file of the same lists of transactions in any desired format, ready to import directly into your order/accounting software (so that no data entry services will be required for transactions handled by the system).

This method is obviously much easier for a customer than preparing a cheque, finding an envelope and stamp, and mailing the envelope - and much more secure than sending a credit-card payment through the 'Net. For this reason, we have every expectation that it will be extremely popular with your busy yet cautious customers.

Since we do not charge any set-up or initiation fees, and only charge a minimal fee per transaction (based on the number of transactions), this can be an extremely effective, low-cost way for your company to receive payments from customers - and your customers would not find it at all unreasonable for you to charge a small handling fee for this ultra-secure service. If this sounds like something you should find out more about, please get back to us at your earliest convenience.

Earlier, we promised you some information about a new method that Internet criminals are now using to try to steal money from you and your customers - and it's *really* nasty!

There is now a Java app which can be invisibly downloaded when a Netsurfer visits a seemingly-innocuous website. Its purpose, amazingly, is to monitor the user's keyboard buffer from then on, CAPTURE ANY SEQUENCE OF 10 to 16 DIGITS ENTERED AT THE KEYBOARD, AND INVISIBLY TRANSMIT IT TO AN UNKNOWN EMAIL ADDRESS! In other words, at the very moment that your customers are filling out a form which will ultimately be encrypted (with or without digital signature) and sent to you, their credit card account numbers will have already been stolen!

Is it any wonder that no one - not Visa, MasterCard or anyone else - has been able to overcome the perception among 'Netizens that THERE IS NO ABSOLUTELY SAFE WAY TO SEND FINANCIAL INFORMATION THROUGH THE 'NET, AND NO SAFE WAY TO STORE IT ON A SERVER CONNECTED TO THE 'NET, ONCE IT HAS BEEN SENT?

We are pleased to be able to report to you that we now have a voice demo available, which will enable you to experience the service, and hear a detailed explanation of how it can enable your organization to receive payments faster, more accurately, and without the need for human intervention, it will even enter information about the payments into your accounting files.

If you would like to try out the demo, please call us at 702-757-5587 (or email us at and we'll tell you what you need to do, to do so. And be sure to take a look at the list of questions frequently asked about our service!

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